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Motorway vignette

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Toll payment for lorries (>3,5t) and trailers, all information in one place

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About us


Our company, aPlus Consulting Kft., has been engaged in information technology consulting and retailing since its establishment in 2008. As a member of the I-Cell group of companies, our company is a leading player in toll payment systems in Hungary.

As a contractual partner of the National Toll Payment Services Plc. our main activity is the high quality sale of road use authorisations (motorway vignette purchase and toll payment).

At our aPlus points of sale, our aim is to always provide passengers with reliable, extra information beyond the basics to avoid fines. This will make travelling hassle-free and using toll roads safer for everyone.


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At our points of sale you find all the information and help you need to use toll roads safely and avoid fines. Our colleagues are at your disposal at our border points, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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